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Altronic is the worldwide leader in industrial Ignition systems for spark ignited, natural gas fueled engines, which often run continuously under difficult operating conditions in potentially hazardous areas.
Passionate and performance driven, CPI brings manufacturing and service expertise together with the best in technology to deliver solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers around the globe.
The BG Corporation was founded circa 1918 in New York by Charles Brewster and Arthur Goldsmith. Brewster, an engineer, and Goldsmith, a jeweler, they established the company for the purpose of developing a reliable aircraft spark plug for an aircraft industry that was in its infancy.
U.S. Energy Explosion Proof AC & DC Engine Starter Systems, originally developed for oil field pumping engines, now have grown to meet the unique requirements of a wide variety of diesel and gas engines and gas turbines.This starters can be applied to both diesel and natural gas engines.
Wenco Energy Corp. offers a full line of Oil Field / Industrial Flame Arrestors, Oilfield / Industrial Vent Thief, Gauge Valves and Hatches, Oilfield Fire Box Flame Arrestors, Burners and Accesories.They manufacture products that offer, maximum protection, performance by on our 31 years of experience.
Federal-Mogul Corporation is an innovative and diversified $6.2 billion global supplier of quality products, trusted brands and creative solutions to manufacturers of automotive, light commercial, heavy-duty and off-highway vehicles of differnt type, as well as in power generation, aerospace, marine, rail and industrial.