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Sealing and Wear Products
Piston and Rider Rings
Application-engineered piston and rider rings are available, specifically designed to meet your operating parameters. On-site blending and compression or injection molding enables CPI to maintain total control throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Provide excellent sealing capabilities
  • Piston support.
  • Available in a variety of designs and materials to best suit your application requirements.
    Pistons and Rods
    CPI manufactures to the highest quality standards a full range of pistons and piston rods in stainless or alloy steels, aluminum and cast iron, for a broad range of applications and operating conditions. Experienced technical knowledge of compressor design and operation ensures that the optimum materials, surface treatments and sealing components are selected for each application. FEA analysis is used to ensure the design meets all of the highest CPI engineered standards to guarantee product integrity and quality.

    • Non-intrusive
    • Intrinsically safe
    • Easy to operate
    • Automatic Analysis
    • Report Generation

    Improving the reliability of reciprocating compressors requires improving the
    reliability of all critical parts that provide a potential point of failure. The reciprocating compressor valve is widely acknowledged to be the part that is responsible for more unscheduled shut downs than any other part. With many active parts, damage to a reciprocating compressor valve can result in more costly secondary damage to other parts of the compressor. Identifying and monitoring these critical components can pay huge dividends in increased reliability and reduced maintenance.

    Hyper Components
    At CPI we recognize that the specialized compressors used in the LDPE (low-density polyethylene) industry are highly evolved machines. CPI is responsive to the needs of this area of operation, having considerable experience in the design and manufacture of these specialized products to a high standard of quality, precision and with the use of appropriate materials for hyper packings, guide bushes, poppets, cups and plungers. In conjunction with users, we have been successfully involved in the development and installation of specialized designs for many specific applications. As part of these collaborations, we offer an option to manufacture parts using customers own unique designs and specific materials.

    Injection Molded Materials
    CPI molds engineered plastic materials used in the reciprocating compressor industry. These materials include Nylon, PEEK and other proprietary blends. Blank sizes are held to close tolerances and pass several quality checks to exceed customer requirements. Over one hundred different blank sizes are currently available.

    Today's advanced polymers have excellent mechanical properties and are capable of working at temperatures up to 400+ degrees F. In most cases, a simple conversion to low mass polymer sealing elements can give existing valves in reciprocating compressors a vastly increased life as well as reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs, without having to alter the valve body or modify the valve cage.

    The CPI name is synonymous with technological innovation. We are committed to proactively developing technologies that increase reliability and performance by creating special materials with unique problem solving capabilities