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Pro Flow
  • Monitors and Trends Oil Usage of the Divider Block Lube System Every 30 Minutes
  • Operates on Field Replaceable 'AA' Alkaline Batteries With 'LOW BATTERY' Warning or (24 VDC Model # PF1 24V)
  • Adjustable Alarm Time for "Slow Flow" Shutdown Protection
  • Wireless Download of Divider Block Information to Palm Device ( Up to 50 Compressors)
  • Instant Conversion of Palm Files to Excel Spreadsheet with Automatic Line Graph Plotting with 'FFT' Software On Board Diagnostic Data
Divider Block
  • Positive Lubrication to Cylinders/Packing: 'CCT-HP' divider blocks give you the closest piston to valve tolerance in the world! 80 to 90 millionths-of-an-inch assures you precision lubrication of vital components, plus superior piston stalling for positive shutdown of the system if any lubrication points plug.
  • O-Ring Seals on Outlet Sections: Eliminates thread sealants on outlets to assure exceptional sealing and ease of assembly.
  • Reduced Torque for Mounting Screws: Reduce torque for mounting blocks on base section. (65 in. lbs.) assures leak free operation to 7,500 PSI.
Pro Flow Junior
The proflo Jr. Monitors the operation of the divider block system by detecting each cycle of the system. If the pump deteriorates or if the lubricant flow slows down the cycle time of the lube system will fall below the specified alarm time and the proflo Jr. will change to alarm state and shutdown the compressor preventing damage to the compressor cylinders, pistons, rods and packing.
No Flow / Cycle Indicators
The 'NeoMag' Incorporates two Neodymium proprietary magnets. The Stainless Steel pin is held against the end of the piston by spring pressure in the Neo Magnet assembly. Oil flow through the divider block moves the piston back and forth to dispense oil to the injection points. The 'NeoMag' internal magnet follows the exact movement of the divider block piston and translates the same movement to the external bright orange visual cycle indicator. This movement is used to determine the cycle time of the lube system and can be used to determine problems of the divider block system.
Lubricator Boxes
OEM and Replacement Lube Boxes and Pumps to Retrofit: Ariel, Trabon, Graco, Lubriquip, Manzel, Ajax, Lincoln, Dropsa, Premier, Progressive, Chicago Pneumatic, Energy Industries, Ingersoll Rand, Cooper Axis, Dresser-Rand, Gemini, White Superior, Worthington Cub, Cooper Bessemer, Clark
Lubricator Pumps
Lubricator pumps come in 5 models with several options. The model that's right for you will be the model designed to fit in your lubricator box. Each model can be configured for either suction feed or pressurized feed. Each model can be fitted with a sight glass for visually verifying operation. Each model can also be equipped with a roller bearing on the rocker arm. The roller bearing keeps the rocker arm from cutting a grove in the lube box cam and ensures that the proper amount of lubricant is delivered over the long run. Without the roller bearing, the wear on the cam will reduce the displacement of the rocker arm and will continually reduce the amount of lubricant fed to the system.
HV Pumps & Boxes
  • High Volume Positive displacement
  • Wide Range Adjustable Flow Rate
  • Roller Tappet Actuated
  • Weather Proof Construction
  • Suitable for Petroleum & Synthetic Lubricants
  • Precision Fit, Hardened Plunger Develops To 8,000 PSI
  • Two Piece Aluminum Gear Case
SAFEGUARD 5000 Console

The CPI SAFEGUARD Lubrication System Console has been designed as a stand-alone lubrication console for hazardous locations and all types of industrial machinery including reciprocating compressors and reciprocating pumps.

The SAFEGUARD lubrication system console is designed to work with CPI's extensive line of divider blocks and Lubrication System Accessories to provide precise lubrication to your machinery.