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Altronic III
The Altronic III mechanical design matches the long life inherent in the electronic circuitry. Sealed ball bearings used throughout are large and under-loaded. The alternator has a smooth rotating cycle a characteristic which contributes to prolonged bearing and gear life. The synthetic couplings used provide long life with minimal wear and also dampen out much of the engine drive train vibration.
Altronic I
Altronic I ignition consists of a permanent magnet alternator unit, one or more remote mounted pickups sensing crankshaft referenced timing magnets and an ignition coil for each spark plug. Long maintenance free service is assured since the alternators oversized ball bearing is the only moving part. All electronic parts plus the ignition and pickup coils are encapsulated in epoxy.
Altronic II
The Altronic II is an alternator powered, capacitor discharge ignition system for 3 to 20 cylinder, 2 or 4 cycle, low speed, high BMEP engines. Powered from a 12 pole permanent magnet alternator, Altronic II provides superior performance throughout the engines operating range. Its basic design features permanent magnet alternator: easily serviced, removable back cover containing all electronics have made Altronic II the standard of the industry on large, slow speed industrial gas engines.
Altronic V
The Altronic V is a self powered, low tension, capacitor discharge ignition system for 1 to 6 cylinder, 2 or 4 cycle engines. The Altronic V unit can be furnished with any number of output channels between 1 and 6. For 4 cycle applications, a choice is offered of units using the exhaust stroke firing principle or units firing on the compression stroke only. The Altronic V has internal timing pick up coils combined with Altronics proven 8 pole permanent magnet alternator to give high output at low engine cranking speeds. The electronic circuit has a minimum of components for maximum reliability, and all are mounted on the units removable back cover for ease of service.