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Unshielded Coil
The ignition coil supplies the high voltage spark, and is therefore one of the most critical components in the ignition system performance chain. Available in several electrical and physical configurations, Altronic ignition coils are designed and produced in a new, state-of-theart manufacturing facility in Ohio-the most advanced in the world dedicated to production for use exclusively on stationary industrial engine applications.
Shielded Coil
Altronic Shielded Coil cover all application requirements with external types ( standard and long duration  ) and integral coils mounting directly to either 1" - 20 or 13/16" - 20 thread spark plugs.
Flanged Coil
Siddhartha makes available the BLUE and RED flanged ignition coil as a replacement for the existing products sold by the engine manufacturers. Same winding configuration as in the standard epoxy ignition coils but molded to a 3-hole steel flange. This allows installation directly on the valve cover and elimi - nates a high tension lead. 3-pin MILITARY STYLE connector allows for use in hazardous environments. The 3-hole flanges are grinded and polished to meet the surface standard CSA requests Applicable versions for use with ASC or MOST feature available.
Coil Tower

Every industrial engine is different even though they appear to be the same. Most engine settings are being changed during the time that they are used.

Control setting changes and engine overhauls can cause a difference in the way the engine operates. The same goes for ignition systems. Sometimes, specific ignition changes are needed to which various ignition tools and add-on parts are required. Hatraco can produce and supply various components for improved ignition and engine efficiency.

Altronic integral coils directly mate to two types of spark plugs made for that specific application. In addition 3/4" - 20 shielded spark plug can adapt to Altronic integral coils with adaptor/ extentions available in two series, each in two lengths.