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CD Ignitions
CD 1
CD 1 is a capacitor-discharge, electronic microcircuit-based ignition system for small 1 to 8 cylinder industrial engines. The system powered from 12-24 VCD, has no moving parts. step-up coils, either individual (one per cylinder) or a multi tower coil module (one serving 4 or 6 cylinders ) are used to eleminate the convectional  high-tension distributor.  
CD 200
The Altronic CD200 Series are high energy, digital, capacitor-discharge ignition systems designed for use on 1- to 16-cylinder industrial gas engines. Available in unshielded (70 Series) and shielded (80, 90 Series), these DC-powered systems eliminate maintenance-intensive mechanical distributor ignition systems. With no moving parts, they employ microprocessor technology to provide high-end control features and operational flexibility across the range of suitable applications.